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Friday, February 15, 2008


STAMPS - They come in various shapes, patterns and designs.. They are usually made of rubber,but the adventurous type can carve them out of erasers or vegetable (such as potatoes) OR use leaves and other things to make texture.. Stamp Cleaner is essential to keep your stamps clean and stop colors running and mixing together..

INK- Comes in various colors and is usually applied from an ink pad. Standard dye inks are used for general stamping.
*Pigment inks are also used for general stamping and embossing.
*Permanent inks are used when the surfaces needs a waterproof ink for watercoloring of fabric stamping.
*Pearlescent inks pigment inks that create a lustrous sheen when stamped.
*Watermark inks give a tone-on-tone look when stamped.
*Embossing inks stay wet longer so they can be used with embossing powders.
*Rainbow ink pads contain a variety of ink colors on a single pad..

EMBOSSING POWDERS - You apply embossing powder to wet ink to create raised designs. They are available in a variety of colors from metallic colors like gold to solid colors like white.. They are also available in fine powders for detailed work..

PASTEL CHALK - These are available in a variety of colors ad can be found in a plastic palette.. You can apply them with a sponge or your finger tips to create a soft color to your cards..

WATERCOLOR MARKERS - Various colors.. these are water based and can be applied directly to the stamp in specific areas.. They can also be used to color images after you stamped them.

COLORED PENCILS - Variety of colors and are used to color and shade images.. Look for soft, leaded pencils as they are easier to color and blend with..

WATERCOLOR PENCILS - you can use them like ordinary pencils or they can create a water color look.. You simpy add water to a brush and brush over the area that has been colored in with the water color pencil, this will soften and blend the color.

PAINTBRUSH - They come in a variety of sizes and qualities.. It is best to use a soft, small brush for specific areas and big wide brushes for water color wash and backgrounds..

WATERBRUSH - This is a brush that is attached to a plastic barrel filled with water, but can also be filled with ink.. It is used to blend colors..

SCISSORS - You NEED good scissors. Fine-tipped scissors that are sharp to the edge. Teflon coated scissors will help resist the stickiness of the glue. Decorative-edged scissors that have shapes cut into the blade can also come in handy..

PAPER TRIMMER - This is an excellent tool for getting straight lines.. There are plenty of guillotines on the market which include ruled grid lines..

PAPER PUNCH - They are great for punching a variety of shapes out of paper. You can use the cut out piece of the whole piece or both ..
CRAFT KNIFE - This is a very important
part of your card making toolkit.. It contains sharp blades in the handle for cutting and the back of the blade can be use to make sharp creases (scoring) in paper.

BONE FOLDER - This is a useful tool for making sharp fold lines across paper. This gives your fold a crisp crease.

HEAT GUN - This is used to melt embossing powders.

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