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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New designed medium punches available.....

These gorgeous designs are from Holland and they make such pretty cards

bell flower


Four leaves



glitter papers

Fresh from Dzuzi's kitchen

Dzuzi....Hi Glad the witch punch arrived safely...........Enjoy your Halloween Bento creations....Thanks for sharing with us your delicious bento.

Seaweed punched from CP2 Witch punch

Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas is coming soon.....

Christmas is another 10 weeks away and I am getting all excited to bring out my Christmas tree from the storeroom...Hooray!
Here are some cards I made for this year's Christmas..with the snowflake punch which I absolutely love because I use it only once a year :( oohhh such a gorgeous design and the cards look delightful here in Malaysia.....We need the winter snow.... it's humid and very hot lately.

Look out for the Christmas Carla Range punches which is already available on sale....

Email me for orders today!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another of Dzuzi's Bento creations...

Look at what Dzuzi sent me this time... A Halloween Bento set..See the little ghost cheese piece creatively decorated with eyes and mouth....using the cn12 paw punch unto a seaweed. I think this is very creative..and fun too.
Bento is now a popular craft and punches are also being explored in food industry now. How amazing!...Punching on a piece of seaweed.

'Thanks for sharing with us Dzuzi.....By the way I have your witch punch! :)

Here you are the mini paw punch creatively used as eyes and mouth for the cheese.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Punch lunch ....bento crafting

Hi there ...my Bento friends.....
My friend Carolyn has made these little cute Bento creations ...
Bento is the Japanese art of making convenient lunches in a box....it's healthy and very delightful to the eyes. I am sure the preparations is also very pleasurable

Created by Carolyn Goh (Malaysia)
Paul the octopus for the 2010 World cup fever..... Cleverly made Carolyn...

See the mini music punch being used here on the fish balls....so cute...certainly will delight your little eyes.......on the snails too....so creative!

Using the mini cp1 daisy-s for the hair and bits and pieces for the expression punches to create her own little expressions on the fish ball......

After that you can even use the remnants of the negative pieces to design on your cheese pieces.....punching them into squares and lay them over the animals..... very nice Carolyn!

Thanks Carolyn for allowing me to use your pictures to share bento craft with other crafters on line

Carla Craft CN12 mini punches

The art of Bento making is creating a heat wave!
Lunch packed in a unique , colorful and irresistible creative manner is..... healthy and yet kinky for the kids to finish a good healthy lunch for the day

..... All Bento crafters.... you can purchase your mini punches online with me. I have most of the CN12 mini Carla Punches in stock.

Using mini hearts and stars, 6petal flowers, dove and many other shapes to create such a colourful array of a healthy lunch for kids!

Fast and safe delivery internationally. Contact me today!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Congratulations...

I handmade this card for a friend who ordered it last week for a newly wed couple. I used baby blue metallic card, a paper doily, lace, embossed daisy flowers made by Carla craft cp2 daisy punch, leaves by EK success punch and embossed sticker to create the entire lay out.
The paper lace was created with a border punch.

I believe a handmade card adds a personal touch and brings much joy to the one who receives it.
If you like me to create a card for you..... just contact me...I be glad to :) put a smile on your recipient's face

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