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Friday, June 24, 2011

Flourished square-MS Punch all over the page

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The punch has a very hefty weight to it, due to the magnets inside that hold it together. The concept is simple - the paper (or card stock, cork, etc.) goes between the top punch and the bottom raised platform, allowing you to punch your shape out anywhere on your paper. No more reach constraints!

As you can see from this view of the underside of the top piece, there are four magnets on the top that are designed to align with the ones on the bottom.

The top and bottom pieces each have a flat surface on one corner (note this on the bottom piece pictured above), and other three corners are rounded. This is how the punch "tells" you if it is lined up correctly. If you put a round edge above the flat edge, it won't line up right: the punch will skew itself due to the polarity in the magnets (as pictured above).

The punching mechanism, housed in the top portion of the punch, is fairly heavy-duty, and it looked to me like it would give very clean, crisp cuts.

Once you get your paper cinched between the magnets, you have just a smidgeon of wiggle room. Those magnets hold on tightly. To help myself out and position the paper right where I wanted it, I realized after a few off-center results that I should draw grid lines on the underside of my paper.
Lightbulb! It is much easier to get the punch exactly where you want it that way.

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I whipped up a few quick cards using the punch. Above, I paired the Martha Stewart paper with some Stampendous stamps, and used the window cut out by the Flourish Square to frame my sentiment.

For this card, I used the cutouts from my cork tests to make a border behind the bird I cut out from some of the In Nature paper. I adore these flourished cork "medallions".

I really liked the Punch All Over the Page, and can see adding a few more to my collection. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of the correct pressure and speed, but the results are worth the wait! The versatility they allow is wonderful. Like most of Martha Stewart's products, she has once again thought of a super useful tool! Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

  • Design allows user to put punch anywhere on a design
  • Will punch through a variety of materials
  • These will stack, which makes for simpler storage
  • There is a bit of a learning curve
  • Precise placement of the punch can be difficult (I recommend those gridlines!)
  • I wish they had nesting shapes, so you could make mats and frames for your windows/cutouts

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adult Punch Art

Hi friends..........Adult classes commencing in July..for 6 weeks on Mondays in the afternoon if you are interested to pick up the art of Punching..Do contact me via email for details and info on the course.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Craft Breakaway...........

Hi friends..........

I had the wonderful privilege to learn under the talented paint designer Miss Donna Downey when she visited Singapore in April.

It was totally something out of the box for me as it's been years since I touch painting. To get my hands on again was so pleasurable....What more to learn with Ms Donna was something i wanted to do and I grab the opportunity to go all the way to meet her.. She was such a wonderful and friendly person and she shared many nuggets with us..

I had a wonderful time there to, meeting new friends and not forgetting so happy that my name was the first to be called out for the lucky draw contest..boy was I lucky!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharing a card day!

Hi friends..........

Sharing an idea with you on using the CP2 cosmos punch and the cp1 oak leaf... Aren't the flowers sweet?..Just a simple punch can make delightful heart warming designs... Enjoy your punches.You just to need to sit down and start playing with your collection... You will be amazed!
Have a pleasant Monday!
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