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Monday, April 5, 2010

Paper Punch Bento Lunch

I met Miss Dzuzi online and she is a bento mummy who bought the expression punches from my blog. When she started sharing with me about her passion to create healthy creative lunch boxes for her kids, I took on an interest to find out more. To my surprise....wow this is a real crafty healthy way to make our kids enjoy a nutritious and wholesome meal. We went on chatting and sharing with one another...I am happy to have served her the carla expression punches which she had been looking for a long while. Now this is what she made upon receiving the punches....

A "Bento" is basically a boxed meal that consists of a main entrée, several side dishes and rice in one box. Without cooking different dishes, or spending a lot of money to get different plates at restaurants, kids can get a rich amount of nutrition from one box. The colors and playful arrangements can certainly entice the young ones to enjoy and finish their snacks....Even more importantly, they're really delicious and prepared with love!
Here Dzuzi has sent me her own handmade lunch bento she made last week....Isn't it cute!

Have you wondered how the eyes and features are formed to create these playful and cute expressions?......Dzuzi used the carla expression punches to make them.

Let's have an adventure in Bento making with Paper Punch with her....She used sheets of nori seaweed and creatively punched out the face expressions and design the lunch pack for her bento kid's meal

Creative ways using expression punch to make a happy lunch

Adorable to the eyes, delicious yet healthy...This is a little bumblebee Dzuzi made...Looks like we can also learn to impress our kids and
guests with our servings

Dzuzi......Thanks for the pictures....Happy Bentoing!

Well if you need these cute expression punches for the faces when you make the rice ball...carla craft CN12 punches are a great collection to start bento creation......Not just expressions they have a range of Japanese theme punches like sakura, ume kikyou, clover and animals too

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