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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carl Paper Trimmer-

Hi friends..........
Many of you have been asking how do I achieve a good neat fold for all my cards..Well the secret is a good paper trimmer!

I have been using my Carl paper trimmer for the last 8 years and it is indeed a very good investment if you like to have a good straight and neat cut for all your paper crafts

CARL DC-100 Paper Trimmer with swing out ruler arm
Trimmers from 5 to 7 sheets of paper.
* Lightweight, compact with superb quality.

CARL A4 DC-218 12"/31cm Paper Trimmer with Straight Blade also comes with a bonus Short-Wave Blade.

Details are:
  • Full 12"/31cm cutting length
  • Straight blade cuts up to 10 sheets of paper
  • Eliminates fanning, tearing and bending
  • Sharp, long-lasting, rolling blade,economical
  • Left-or right-handed
  • Includes Straight and Short-Wave Blades, other interchangeable decorative blades also available
  • Easily portable
Great for scrapbooking and creative card making, make your memories.
The rotary blade cuts far more accurately than a traditional guillotine with a pull down arm - and effortlessly too. Separate fancy and scoring blades sold separately.
The unit has a metal base which means you can use a magnet as a guide so you don't have to keep measuring the same distance when doing repetitive cuts or scores. Spare blades can be kept in storage compartment in base. Cutting mat has 4 sides so you can rotate to get clean cuts for a long time before you replace( mats can be purchase from my store in twin packs)
Suitable for everything up to A4 work. Metric and imperial measurements along with common photo sizes are marked on surface.

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