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Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing The Art of Parchment Craft

Hi friends..........

Several years ago I learned "Parchment craft".And I loved it.
Parchment Craft involves creating beautifully embossed, delicate designs on parchment paper (Thicker
version of tracing/transparent paper. The craft utilizes a combina
tion of techniques
which include pattern tracing, embossing, stippling, perforating and coloring.

Parchment craft dates back to the 14th century. The craft began with communion cards and devotional pictures in Europe and the Netherlands.

19th century Paris saw a change in the parchment cards. The themes became more romantic and personal, introducing floral themes, cherubs, and portraits, and introduced embossing to the art creating the raised effect. Most of the borders, perforations, and cuts were done by machine at this time.

The art of Parchment Craft is enjoying a revival today, with the cards being hand drawn, painted, perforated and embossed, all done by hand, with the most common tools being a single needle to perforate the holes, and very small scissors to cut out the various designs. The items crafted in this manner require a great deal of patience, time, and ability. If you

are lucky enough to have a handmade Parchment card, bookmark, or other item, cherish it, because it was made and given with a great deal of love.

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